Rules & Etiquette

We look forward to your visit to Simi Hills Golf Course. Please assist us in delivering an exceptional experience to all golfers by abiding by the following club rules and etiquette.

Planning Your Golf Outing

  • If you find that your group is unable to keep a tee time, please cancel by calling the golf shop (805) 522-0803 as far in advance as possible (48 hour notice is preferred). Reservations made online may be canceled online by logging in to the golfer profile and reviewing current reservations.
  • If you will have fewer golfers than the number of tee times booked, please provide the golf shop with an update on your player count as soon as possible, by calling (805) 522-0803..
  • All players should have their own golf clubs and wear appropriate non-metal spike shoes.
  • Groups with fewer than four players may be paired by golf shop staff.  
  • All alcoholic beverages consumed on golf course property must be purchased from the club.
  • All players should register with the golf shop at least fifteen minutes prior to their assigned starting time.
  • All players should check for, and abide by, cart path restrictions and/or other special restrictions when registering to play.
  • Children under the age of 7 are not allowed on the golf course, and children under the age of 5 are not allowed on the driving range at any time.
  • No animals are allowed to accompany golfers onto the course unless they are registered service animals.  The service ID card must be presented to the golf shop staff at check-in.

Etiquette on the Course

  • Under ideal conditions the acceptable pace of play is four hours (4:00) to complete eighteen holes and two hours (2:00) to complete nine holes. Regardless of course conditions, the pace of play should not exceed four hours and thirty minutes (4:30) to complete eighteen holes and two hours fifteen minutes (2:15) to complete nine holes.
  • All players should be certain that the group ahead is out of range or clear of the green before playing any shot.
  • If players create divots on the fairway, they should fill them with sand from the container on the golf cart.
  • For the sake of courtesy to the following group and in an effort to speed up play, players should park their golf carts on the cart path beyond the green being played, en route to the next tee.
  • All players are responsible for repairing any ball marks made by them on the putting greens. It is also courteous to repair any other ball marks that are found during the course of play.
  • Please call the Birdie Bar & Eatery from the 8th tee box for your food order at the turn.  You can reach the Birdie Bar at (805) 522-0803, extension 6.

Golf Cart Rules

  • Only licensed drivers age 18 and over are allowed to operate carts.
  • Golf cart operators and riders use the carts at their own risk.
  • No more than two people and two golf bags may occupy or be carried in or on a single golf cart at any one time - no exceptions.
  • It is the responsibility of the driver to operate the cart in a manner that does not cause damage to the cart or the course.
  • Please keep carts on path around tees and greens, and exit the fairway before reaching the green & white stakes.
  • Carts are not permitted on par 3 holes at any time.

Inclement Weather and Frost Delay

  • The golf course will typically be open in the case of light rain or scattered showers. In the event of heavy rain, the golf course superintendent will determine whether or not the course should be open for play and whether or not golf carts will be restricted to the paths or allowed at all. Please check with the golf shop for current information.
  • In the winter when frost occurs, opening tee times may be delayed. In the case of a frost delay, all tee time reservations will be delayed in order and will be honored, in order, once the frost lifts.
  • Rainchecks are available if weather conditions deteriorate during your round.

Simi Hills Golf Course
5031 Alamo Street
Simi Valley, CA 93063